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Moray Firth

Sandend Paintings – a hidden gem by the Moray Firth

Sandend, Aberdeenshire Sandend paintings are all about roofscapes, reflections and wild seas in this half-hidden corner of the Moray Firth. Tucked below short steep slopes and the well-farmed fields, Sandend is a former fishing community with a long history. (The local folk pronounced it ‘san-eyn‘ and maybe they still do.)…

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Moray Firth paintings – cliffs, coves and the bluest of pure blues

Moray Firth paintings usually reflect the unspoilt blue that dominates the seascapes hereabouts. Besides, thanks to the over-promotion of Highland initiatives like ‘North Coast 500’, the peerless Moray Firth coastline isn’t over-run, with the ‘average tourist’ preferring the wet desert of the far north and west. (OK, I exaggerate, but…

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