Must Paint Scot

A Dundee painting – but it’s a cheerful place, not dark!

This Dundee painting might be alluding to its old reputation as a place of dark, and inevitably Satanic, mills. Not so much these days. Scotland’s fourth largest city is a friendly place, with an interesting waterfront, cutting-edge arts and culture venues, plus a fascinating heritage. Oh, and two bridges across the estuary of the River Tay.

This artwork is the result of blending the time frame – past and present Dundee – and possibly having the fall of the first Tay Bridge somewhere in my mind as well. Alternatively, maybe I just didn’t want there to be too many street lights to spoil the crepuscular ambience. (Ooh, did I really write that?)

A Dundee painting. Honestly, I don't know what came over me.
A Dundee painting, by night (obviously)

A Dundee painting at night

Note to self: must re-order sepia. Also, what’s with the phthalo blue in the sky? Do you realise it comes from copper phthalocyanine, which is a deep blue compound produced by the reaction of phthalic anhydride, urea, copper and ammonia? Crikey. Thank you, Jackson’s Art Supplies.