Must Paint Scot

About Gilbert Summers

Gilbert Summers and the call of the canvas

Definitely the most pretentious header on the site, methinks.

On this site you can buy ready to hang framed fine art prints of some of my favourite places in Scotland.

I’ve been lucky to have a career in tourism that meant I travelled throughout Scotland for many years. And I was inspired by the landscapes and the sheer variety in a small nation.

Now I have the chance to paint those memories of Scotland. Take a peak at the gallery

Looking back…

If only, all those years ago, well-meaning teachers hadn’t streamed us into down-to-earth science subjects, so that I couldn’t take Art, my best subject back then. (And this was at school!)

Still, a literature degree later, it’s been an interesting journey in the Scottish tourism industry, mostly providing info and writing guides. Got to see a lot of places.

Eyeing up those paintbrushes…

That urge to pick up a paintbrush never disappeared entirely. And these days I get to splash around with gouache or acrylic more than ever before.

You wont find any profound art-speak here. Just some landscapes of Scotland and a little further afield that I have enjoyed and wanted to preserve memories of them with a painting.

About the prints for sale

Your giclée print is made using an 11 colour pigment ink set which covers 98% of the colour spectrum. This means a faithful reproduction of my original artwork with no loss in colour, clarity or detail.

What makes your giclee print top quality? The pigment inks don’t fade over time. They are designed to last 50-75 years!

(After that, I’ll replace them FOC. You’ll know it’s me as I sign them ‘Gilbert Summers’. Wait though. Let me think about this…)